Two different sectors in the park

The first sector includes most of the islands found in the Western region of the archipelago (the park's most frequented and well-used area). This portion contains the majority of the park's limestone islands and monoliths. It is situated between Île aux Perroquets, facing Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, and Île Sainte-Genevieve.
Map of the Western sector of the Archipelago
Map of the Western sector of the Archipelago

The second sector, the Eastern region of the park, comprises most of the granite islands, islets and keys-nearly 1000 in total-found east of Île Saint-Genevieve and extending to the mouth of the river Aganus, near Aguanish.
Map of the islands of the eastern sector of the archipelago
Map of the Eastern Sector of the Archipelago

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Grande Île

Île à la Chasse

Île du Havre

Île Niapiskau

Île Nue de Mingan

Île Quarry

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