School programs

Grasslands National Park

Looking for a fun, hands-on learning experience? We can meet your needs! Grasslands National Park offers curriculum linked school programs from Grade 3 to Grade 12.

West Block:

The Prairie Web of Life

Sneak up on a prairie dog town and hike the slopes of a prairie coulee. Students will
observe rare plants and animals and learn how they’ve adapted to their habitats. Learn how all prairie species are interconnected and why they are becoming “Endangered”.

Approx. 2 hrs - hike & learning activities

Grades 3 to 5

Going, Going, Gone?

Some of our famous, yet elusive Grasslands species are facing troubles in this endangered ecosystem. Are we looking at a “Going, Going, Gone” situation for our friends, or is there something we can do to help them out?

Approx. 2 hrs - hike & learning activities

Grades 8 to 12

The Bison are Back!

Take a hike back in time into the heart of bison country and discover how First Nations linked their lives to bison. Discover the secrets of how the Plains Bison were brought back from near extinction and once again play a role in the mixed-grass prairie ecosystem.

Approx. 2 hrs - hike and learning activities

Grades 5 to 8

East Block:

Once Upon a Time...65.5 million years ago

Discover the Badlands, an ancient place that exposes land formations from millions of years ago, revealing the time of the Dinosaurs! Hike these rich buttes and let the fossils tell the intriguing tales from long ago!

Approx. 2 hrs - hike and learning activities

Grades 5 to 8

Down by the Creek

Investigate a riparian zone, a very valuable part of a grassland ecosystem. Discover how water is key to life no matter how small or insignificant it may appear.

Approx. 2 hrs - learning activities & games

Grades 3 to 5

How to book your visit

Thank-you for considering a visit to Grasslands National Park for your school group.

To reserve your spot contact the site for availability.

Have the following information ready when you call:
  • Name of program
  • Teachers' names (all names if multiple classes plan to visit together)
  • School name and contact information
  • Number of students and grade level
  • Approximate number of adults
  • Date (Select your top 2 preferences)
  • Language: Request service in English, French, or a mixture of both official languages.
  • Special needs: Is there anything we need to be aware of to ensure a smooth visit for your group?

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