Facilities and services

Prince Albert National Park

 Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre is located in Waskesiu next to the “rock” and across from the main beach area. The Visitor Centre is open 7 days a week, year-round and offers up-to-date information on events and programs, trail information, weather reports, interactive activities, official Parks Canada merchandise and backcountry registration. It also offers emergency first aid, a Lost and Found service and is home to all Waskesiu townsite administration. For more information please contact 306.663.4522.


Parking is available at the main beach lot and at the community hall from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily (overnight parking not permitted). There is a parking lot located across from the Friends of the Park Bookstore and street parking is also available within Waskesiu.

Electric vehicle charging stations

Four charging stations (2 Tesla, 2 Universal) are located at the Waskesiu Main Beach parking lot. The electric vehicle charging stations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout the year. Users are responsible for monitoring their charging and find another parking spot when their vehicle is fully charged. There is no fee to charge vehicles at the Tesla or J1772 charging stations.

 RV and Bus Parking

Available at the main beach parking area, Visitor Centre and across from the Friends of the Park Bookstore (near recycling bins).


Washrooms are available at the Visitor Centre and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During peak season washroom and shower facilities are available at the main beach and next to the community hall. Pit toilets are available at all day use areas.

 Picnic Area

A group of visitors enjoy a picnic shelter in the town of Waskesiu.

There are a number of excellent day use areas throughout the park, indicated on the park map. All offer picnic tables and barrel style hibachis and many have sandy beaches.

Located on highway #264 (Kingsmere Rd):

  • Waskesiu River
  • Waskesiu Landing (at main marina)
  • Point View
  • Birch Bay
  • Kingsmere

Located on the Narrows Road:

  • South Bay
  • Trippes Beach
  • Paignton Beach
  • The Narrows

Located on highway #263:

  • Namekus
  • Sandy Lake
  • Small day use area a few kilometres north of South Gate
  • South Gate day use area

 Picnic Shelter

  • Main beach area
  • Birch Bay
  • South Bay
  • Paignton Beach
  • The Narrows
  • Namekus Lake
  • Sandy Lake


A family of 4 play Frisbee at the beach.

A 'day at the beach', has traditionally, been a part of many park visitors’ summer trips. The large lakes are ice-free about the middle to end of May. Water temperatures suitable for swimming are usually reached by end of June and continue until early September.

Please be aware that beaches are unsupervised and swimming in these areas is at your own risk. Parents should keep an eye on children at all times.

For the safety of swimmers, boats and canoes are not allowed in the buoyed beach areas. Although rare, Swimmer's Itch can occur in some areas of the park waters. When aware of a situation, Parks Canada posts advisory warnings in the affected area. Contact the Visitor Centre staff for up-to-date reports.


The “Bears on the Beach” Playground is located on the Waskesiu Lake Main beach located in the heart of the down town Waskesiu.

 Lookout Towers

  • Height of Land tower is 8km from Waskesiu
  • Spruce River Highland is 29km from Waskesiu


There are several restaurants and cafés in Waskesiu.

 Gift Shops

Prince Albert National Park offers a number of boutiques and shops all within the town of Waskesiu. The Visitor Centre offers official Parks Canada merchandise for your souvenir collection.

 Automated Teller Machines

  • The Hawood Inn
  • The Waskesiu Trading Co.
  • The Market (at Bakers)
  • The Grey Owl Centre
  • The Clubhouse (at the Waskesiu Golf Course)

 Wireless Internet Services

Although Prince Albert National Park does not offer Wifi services some network 3G service is available depending on your service provider. Some local businesses do provide Wifi services.

Additional information on commercial facilities and services within the Town of Waskesiu Lake can be found on our Useful Links page.

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