Municipality of Merrickville-Wolford

Rideau Canal National Historic Site

Lower Nicholsons Wharf Replacement | Municipality of Merrickville - Wolford 

The wharves at Lower Nicholsons are well used throughout the navigation season by boaters travelling along the Rideau Canal. The project involved the replacement of the deteriorated wharves to ensure the quality and reliability of visitor facilities.

Upper Nicholsons Earth Dam Rehabilitation | Municipality of Merrickville - Wolford  

The rehabilitation of Upper Nicholsons Earth Dam on the Rideau River began in fall 2016 and completed in spring 2017. This project included stabilization work on the west embankment up stream of the spillway, excavation and back filling along the retaining wall, and repairs to the dam’s retaining wall masonry. 

Merrickville Swing Bridge Rehabilitation | Municipality of Merrickville-Wolford

The Merrickville Swing Bridge connects Highway 43 and crosses the Rideau Canal in the picturesque downtown area of the municipality of Merrickville-Wolford. The Merrickville Swing Bridge was built in 1990, and is the fifth swing bridge to be built at the lockstation. The rehabilitation project occurred over the winter and spring of 2015 and is now complete. Work involved repainting and repaving of the bridge.

Stabilization of Merrickville Depot Building | Municipality of Merrickville-Wolford 

The Merrickville Depot is a building located at the lockstation in the Village of Merrickville, Ontario. The building was originally constructed c1858 and is currently leased by the Friends of the Rideau. The Depot is a wood frame structure on a timber foundation that has reached the end of its lifespan. This project will involve raising the building and reconstructing its foundation.

Rehabilitation of Merrickville Weir | Municipality of Merrickville-Wolford

Merrickville Weir will undergo a rehabilitation to improve its water management capacity. This project will ensure the reliability and functionality of the dam for years to come.

Rehabilitation of Edmonds Lock, Dam and Weir | Municipality of Merrickville-Wolford

Parks Canada has completed rehabilitating components of Edmonds Lock 25, Dam, and Weir on the Rideau Canal National Historic Site. Work included heritage stone masonry repairs - repointing, conservation-minded stone replacement and grouting.

Merrickville Lockstations Masonry Repairs | Municipality of Merrickville-Wolford

Merrickville Lockstations will undergo masonry repairs to ensure the continued safe passage of vessels along the canal. Work will include stone replacement, stone repair, repointing and grouting. This work will increase the longevity of this historic masonry.

Regular Dams (multiple) Repairs | Various locations from Ottawa to Kingston

The Parks Canada Agency manages more than 200 dams in canals and waterways. Throughout the systems, various types of dams are found including concrete gravity, earth embankment and stone arch dams. Regular repairs to these essential water management structures are needed to ensure that dams are reliable, functional, meet current engineering and safety codes and standards, and that water management capabilities are optimized. Dams on the Rideau Canal that have been identified as needing regular repairs include the following: Kingston Mills Earth Dam, Kingston Mills Arch Dam and Weir, Old Slys Weir, Long Island Arch Dam Vegetation, Jones Falls Arch Dam, Merrickville Weir, and Manotick Dam.

October 2, 2015 - Merrickville Weir Rehabilitation

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