Entering the United States from Waterton Lakes

Waterton Lakes National Park

Travelling to Goat Haunt in Glacier National Park (US)

Goat Haunt is a remote, tranquil area of Glacier National Park on the southern end of Upper Waterton Lake. This area is only accessible by watercraft or hiking trails and is most commonly accessed from Waterton Lakes National Park.

How to get there and things to do

Goat Haunt can be accessed by foot from the Waterton village via the Lakeshore Trail from the Bertha trailhead. The hike to Goat Haunt is 13.5 kilometers one way (nearly 8.5 miles). You may book a return ferry trip through Shoreline Cruise Co. ahead of time or hike back, though it is a 27-kilometre (nearly 17-mile) round trip hike.

Visitors can also access Goat Haunt by paddling or taking a personal power boats. All non-motorized watercraft require an inspection, and all motorized watercrafts require a 90-day quarantine before launching in Waterton Lakes National Park. The Goat Haunt area provides access to many trails and backcountry campgrounds in Glacier National Park. Maps and lists of day hikes in the area can be found on Glacier National Park’s website.

Travel across the international border requires pre-planning and adherence to U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) regulations.

Crossing the international border into the United States

Whether you are travelling to Goat Haunt or further into Glacier National Park, the rules are the same.

All visitors travelling by foot or personal watercraft must report their entry to U.S. Customs and Border Protection through the CBP ROAM app on the day they are crossing the border. This can be done by using a personal mobile device or at the Tamarack or Rocky Mountain General Store in the Waterton village. Visitors are also required to report their re-entry into Canada to CBSA by calling 1-888-226-7277.

Visitors hiking or taking watercraft across the border require a valid passport. The only exception to this regulation is those who travel to Goat Haunt on a round-trip ferry ride, via Shoreline Cruise Co. and do not plan on staying longer than 30 minutes or hiking past the Goat Haunt Ranger Station.

Crossing the international border by car

The Chief Mountain Port of Entry is a summer-only port of entry between Waterton Lakes and Glacier national parks. This border crossing’s open/close dates and hours of operation may vary; please check Canadian Border Services and U.S. Customs and Border Protection websites for current opening/closing times.

The closest year-round port of entry is Carway / Piegan, approximately 45 minutes east of Waterton via Highway 5 and Highway 2.

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