Stargazing and northern lights

Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park is the world’s largest Dark Sky Preserve. Look up and enjoy the brightest stars and constellations you’ve ever seen. You’ll never have a better chance to see the spectacular northern lights than here in the largest protected dark sky on earth.

When to visit

The sun barely sets May through July, but late August and September offer dark, warm nights for stargazing and Aurora viewing. Winter brings cold, crystal clear nights with the best viewing opportunities.

Where to stargaze

Dark Sky Circle at Pine Lake

One of the best places to enjoy the night sky is at our Dark Sky Circle. Lie back on our specially designed benches to enjoy the vast night sky.

Salt River Day Use Area

The most accessible dark sky viewing is at the Salt River Day Use Area. Pack a picnic and watch the Milky Way rise over the river.

Salt Plains Lookout

Salt Plains lookout is the perfect backdrop to see stars for miles and miles.

Dark Sky Festival

The annual Dark Sky Festival takes place mid-to-late August. Join us to hear the stories and science about our universe and how it works.

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