La Mauricie National Park

The type of avian communities to be found is determined to a large extent by the forest cover and the drainage system.

Birds that can be seen in conifer forest

The softwood forests provide a home for the ruby-crowned kinglet, the Tennessee, Nashville and Magnolia warblers, the hermit thrush, the evening grosbeak and the dark-eyed junco. 

Birds that can be seen in mixed wood forest 

Where the species of trees are more varied, we may find the ruffed grouse, the blue jay, the black-capped chickadee, the purple finch and a number of species of thrush and warblers. 

Birds that can be seen in hardwood forest 

The most frequently sighted species in the deciduous forest are the ovenbird, the black-throated blue warbler, the veery, the red-eyed vireo, the Eastern wood-pewee and the yellow-bellied sapsucker. 


Although there are 14 species of raptors in the park, only the osprey and the broad-winged hawk are commonly observed. However, the call of the barred owl are frequently heard at night.  In recent years, we have noticed a return of the peregrine falcon to the park.

Birds and aquatic environment

Some 34 species depend on the aquatic environment for their survival. Among these, the most common nesting species are the common goldeneye, the common merganser, the American black duck, the ring-necked duck and the common loon. The latter, a spectacular bird characteristic of wilderness, is the park symbol.

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