Nature and science

La Mauricie National Park

The park's mixed forests and 150 lakes are fabulous playgrounds for a rich diversity of wildlife and plants, including brook trout and white pine. Scientists are working to understand, protect and restore these ecosystems to maintain their ecological integrity.

Nature at the heart of our mission

An employee of La Mauricie National Park is in charge of a prescribed fire.


Follow our team as they study, protect and restore the ecosystems through prescribed burns, inventories, log removal and more.

A wood turtle moves on the ground in La Mauricie National Park.


Discover the habitats that the park offers to a multitude of animal species with its aquatic environment and its abundant and diversified forests.

A wetland in La Mauricie National Park that is home to many aquatic plants and amphibians.

Plant life

Explore the park's forested landscape, which represents 93% of the park's area and features 30 species of trees and over 100 other plants.

View of a lake in La Mauricie National Park.


Learn about the park's unique landscape of mixed forests, hills, lakes, rivers and streams with many waterfalls.

Visit La Mauricie National Park

Activities and experiences

Enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, photography and more.

Plan a visit

See information about hours of operation, fees, facilities, parking, and more.

Safety and guidelines

Before your visit, check for important bulletins, trail conditions, weather and more.

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