Manitoba's Virtual Scavenger Hunt - Clue #1



You’ve landed in Winnipeg right beside a house that looks a little different. There are no cars, no phones, and no power lines: this house is right out of the past!

Walk toward the house and find a group of people who seem to be very focused on their work. They are doing a much-loved traditional art… Métis beadwork. They are the Riels, a Métis family with a long narrow farm that stretched out from the Red River. Louis Riel, a founder of Manitoba, lived on this land. He defended the rights of the Métis people, which led to the creation of the province of Manitoba that we know and love today. Happy Manitoba 150!

With each Métis farm connected to a little piece of the river, families could grow most of their own food. Look around and you’ll see the spots where the Riel family grew vegetables, just like many families do today.

What are the “dirt-y” areas where food grows called?

Answer: __ square __ __ __ __ __

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