Manitoba's Virtual Scavenger Hunt - Clue #7



Welcome to the land of ice and snow! So THIS is what some people think of Manitoba! Turn around and there’s not a tree to be seen.

While this area is known as the ‘polar bear capital of the world’, not everyone gets to see them up close. Each spring, polar bear cubs emerge from their dens right here in Wapusk National Park. In the fall, the polar bears head for the shore of Hudson Bay and lucky visitors may get to see them wait for the sea ice to freeze up. They spend the winter catching their favourite food: seals!

Turn around until you notice some strange looking cars. These are certainly not your average minivan. They seem to have popped right out of the recent past - maybe just last fall! These are the perfect way to take in the view and try to see a polar bear or two!

Walk over to the big white vehicles and zoom in to find a name on the side. This word also describes the vast barren land around you!

Answer: square __ __ __ __ __

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