Manitoba's Virtual Scavenger Hunt - Clue #2



You’ve rolled up in front of the rustic Riding Mountain National Park Visitor Centre. This is the first stop for many amazing vacations! It looks like the time warp passed through here once before. This building used 400 year-old design tips from merry olde England to give it an old-fashioned look.

Turn around and visit the busy townsite of Wasagaming: ice cream shops, restaurants and, of course, Clear Lake beach on the left!


You hopped, skipped and jumped not far away onto Clear Lake where the rift seems unstable. Depression relief workers built this pier in the 1930s - around the same time as the Visitor Centre you just left. They built it using teams of horses and (probably) a lot of sore backs.

Do you think these heavy rocks were rolled into place during the summer or the winter? Zoom in to the end of the main pier. You’ll find something cold and white that gives you a hint. What did you find?

Answer: __ square __ __

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