Unsupervised beaches

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Please be advised that the Kennington Cove Road is closed to all traffic for the remainder of the 2023 season. This is to allow crews to work on replacing the Freshwater Brook Bridge.

Kennington Cove and Anson's Cove

The Wolfe's Landing National Historic Site (Kennington Cove area) is adorned by two spectacular beaches. They are located along the Kennington Cove Road. The first beach, where James Wolfe landed in 1758, is Kennington Cove. The second beach found at the end of the road is called Anson's Cove. There are a limited number of parking spaces available at each beach. A short walk through the woods is required to access Anson's Cove.

Popular during the warmest days of summer and fall, these unsupervised beaches offer rustic services such as outhouses and picnic tables. During the summer, special events are organized by a number of different groups and organizations.  There may be special events that take place at the beaches where supervision of the beaches is provided.

Rip tides are known to occur at the unsupervised beaches. Therefore, caution should be used at all times, especially when swimming. Users of the beaches and facilities do so at their own risk.  Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in our unlicensed public places.

Stewards of our locations

Responsible behaviour and respect for fellow users and the environment will help ensure that Parks Canada and the local community can continue to make its sites, trails, and beach areas accessible to visitors.

We encourage you to work with us to minimize negative impacts on our environment.

When on our trails and beaches, please be responsible and join with us in caring for our environment. Take your garbage with you. Our wildlife will benefit from your good stewardship. Other visitors and our future generations will be thankful.

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