Lock 24 - Douro

Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site

Lock 24 is a quiet lock station and a favorite spot for day users and boaters because of the large property and its proximity to the Centennial Marsh. There are opportunities for a private tie-up and four oTENTik campsites at this site are available to reserve for overnight stays.

Getting here
  • Address: 4052 River Road, Douro Township, Ontario
  • Nautical chart: #2023 (more on Nautical charts)
  • Kilometer marker: 155.1 km (mile 96.4)
  • GPS: 44°23' 19.38"N 78°16' 11.64"W

Hours of Operation


Navigational data
  • Lock length: 36.6 m (120 ft)
  • Lock width: 9.7 m (32 ft)
  • Average lift: 3.7 m (12 ft)
  • Max. mooring period: 2 nights

Facilities and services
Douro lockstation
Constructed: 1895-1898

Located in the middle of the 6 mile stretch between Peterborough and Lakefield is Lock 24. This part of the Otonabee River was documented by Catherine Parr Trail as a notorious and dangerous series of rapids and waterfalls. It wasn't until the locks and dams were completed in 1898 that travel became much easier and today many paddlers take advantage of the scenic stretch.

Tourism information
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