Fall, winter, and spring at Kejimkujik

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

Kejimkujik is a great destination for seasonal hiking, biking, picnicking, geocaching, or stargazing (weather permitting). From November 1 to Victoria Day weekend most facilities and services are closed. Your visit at this time of year will be completely self-guided and very different from your summer experience.

Be prepared

You are responsible for your own safety. Be prepared for changing weather conditions, be aware of hazards, and have adequate information and equipment to ensure a safe visit.

Important bulletins | Safety and guidelines | Weather


Call 911 in the event of an emergency. Be prepared to have to wait for help to arrive. Emergency response may be extremely delayed.

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is available in front of the Visitor Centre 24/7.


No camping between October 31 and Victoria Day weekend

While evening visits are welcome, all camping and overnight stays are not permitted between October 31 and Victoria Day weekend, including front country, backcountry, and roofed accommodations.

The campground is closed to vehicles from mid-November to Victoria Day weekend.

Seasonal facilities and services

Most facilities and services are closed from October 31 and Victoria Day weekend. More information

Visitor Centre building

  • Open until October 31
  • Closed between November 1 and Victoria Day weekend

Washroom buildings

  • Open until October 31
  • Closed between November 1 and Victoria Day weekend

Pit privies (outhouses)

Pit privies are available at Mill Falls, the Big Dam Road parking lot, the Mersey River Trail (#10) parking lot, the Sky Circle, Jake’s Landing, Kedge Beach, Merrymakedge P1, and Merrymakedge P4.

Please bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer because not all of these privies are serviced at this time of year.


The Big Dam Road (to the north), the Eel Weir Road (to the south), and the road to the campground (beyond the corner by the Big Dam Road) are gated in mid-November, which affects distance to access the trails. These gates will be locked until the spring.

Please visit the Friends of Keji webcam for current road conditions.


Parking is available.

Electric car charging stations

Electric car charging stations are located at the Visitor Centre parking lot 24/7. Consult PlugShare for details.


Trails are not maintained or patrolled between November 1 and Victoria Day weekend. You may encounter washed out or flooded sections and/or downed trees.

Picnic shelters and wood stoves

Picnic shelters at Mill Falls and Merrymakedge P1 are available for day use.

There is no electricity in the shelters.

More information

Email: kejimkujik@pc.gc.ca

Telephone: 902-682-2770, Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm

Fall for Kejimkujik! | Parks Canada


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[Three adults in bright fall clothing ride on fat bikes ride by hikers on multi-use trail.]

[As they continue on the trail, the bikers pass two men in fall clothing sitting on Parks Canada Red Chairs along the edge of the river. ]

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[Two groups of adults share a picnic inside a picnic shelter with lights on the tables.]

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