Bird watching

Point Pelee National Park

Point Pelee National Park is one of the best inland locations to observe bird migration. Its location on major migratory flyways and on the north shore of Lake Erie makes it a migrant trap – a place that attracts a wide diversity of species in a very small area. More than 390 species of birds have been recorded in the Point Pelee Birding Area.


While Point Pelee National Park is most famous for spring and fall migration, there is a good diversity of birds found in the park and surrounding area throughout the year. The peak of spring migration happens in May, when we host the Festival of Birds.


Due to the park’s central location on the continent, it is often host to rare species, not typically found in this part of Canada. There are many great places to bird watch inside Point Pelee National Park and outside the park.


Point Pelee National Park encourages all visitors to promote the welfare of birds and their habitats and respect others by following the code of ethics:


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