Wildlife watching

Prince Albert National Park

Whether on a scenic drive or hiking on your favourite trail, seeing wild creatures in their natural environment is often the highlight of a visit to a national park. From the red squirrels chattering by your campsite to a stag white tail deer grazing in a clearing, or an osprey circling the water’s edge there are endless wildlife encounters waiting for you in Prince Albert National Park.

To improve your chances of seeing of bears, elk, birds, or other amazing animals in the park:

  • Plan your visit around dawn and dusk, times of day that may provide a better chance of sighting wildlife. Many animals shelter in the trees during the warmest parts of the day.
  • Drive slowly through the park, or better yet, go for a hike. Opportunities to view wildlife improve if you’re moving more slowly.
  • You can usually spot elk and moose more easily in winter after the leaves have fallen from the trees and shrubs. Take advantage of rainy days in summer. Wildlife such as moose and waterfowl don’t mind wet weather.
  • Appreciate the little things! Prince Albert National Park is home to small mammals, birds, frogs and butterflies in summer. Keep a lookout for these spectacular creatures too.
  • When you do spot larger wildlife such as bears or elk, remember to view them safely from 100 metres (330 ft or the length of 3 buses) away. Make sure animals always have an escape route or a way to leave the area.
  • To view bison in Prince Albert National Park look for the Sturgeon River plains bison herd on the Valleyview Trail Network located on the park’s west side.

Contact the Visitor Centre staff for up-to-date reports or to learn more about visitor safety.

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