Prince Albert National Park

Cast a line into the cool northern waters of Prince Albert National Park or try ice fishing in the winter on Waskesiu Lake, and bring home the catch of the day or a tale about the one that got away. Lake trout, northern pike and walleye are just a few of the game fish species that can be found in the waters of Prince Albert National Park.

The park’s lakes and rivers support a healthy population of fish and fishing was a traditional food source in this area for millennia. Indigenous people lived on this land and fished these waters for thousands of years and early settlers established commercial fishing in the area before the park was opened in 1928. Today, visitors to Prince Albert National Park can experience both the relaxing calm and rush of excitement that fishing often brings.

Aquatic Invasive Species

In collaboration with partners, park management is working hard to keep aquatic invasive species like zebra mussels out of the park’s lakes and rivers. Learn more about how you can help!

Obtain a Prince Albert National Park fishing permit, along with a copy of the fishing regulations, at the Visitor Centre, entry gates, campground kiosks and marinas.

Angling Regulation Summary*

*This is not a comprehensive list of all national park fishing regulations. For additional information about legislation within national parks, please visit the Parks Canada Acts and Regulations webpage.

Open Season for fishing

Angling is permitted between one hour before sunrise and two hours after sunset as follows:

Lake Species Season Dates
Waskesiu Lake All Species Victoria Day* to March 31
Kingsmere Lake and Wassegam Lake All Species Victoria Day* to Labour Day
Crean Lake All Species except lake trout Victoria Day* to Labour Day
All other Waters
(except closed waters listed below)
All Species Victoria Day* to September 30

*Open seasons scheduled to begin on Victoria Day actually begin on the Saturday immediately preceding Victoria Day. When the last day of an open season falls on a Friday or Saturday, the open season ends on the Sunday immediately following the Friday or Saturday.

Closed waters

  • the first or most easterly Heart Lake
  • Waskesiu River
  • Mud Creek
  • Amiskowan Lake
  • Kapasiwin Creek
  • Kingsmere River between Kingsmere Lake and Waskesiu Lake
  • Waters are closed to fishing within a 500m radius of the following areas:
    • The outlet of Mud Creek into Waskesiu Lake
    • The outlet of Kingsmere River into Waskesiu Lake
    • The outlet of Kapasiwin Creek into Sandy Lake
    • The part of Kingsmere Lake locally known as Clare Point
  • Fishing off Heart Lakes, Narrows or the Main Marina boating docks is not permitted
  • Closed areas may or may not be marked with buoys. In the absence of buoys, it is still unlawful to fish in these waters

Maximum daily catch and possession limits:

Per permit: game fish

  • Northern pike 3
  • Walleye 2
  • Lake trout 1 (see additional lake trout regulations)
  • Whitefish 5
  • Yellow perch 5
  • All Game Fish in Aggregate 5

If fish have been filleted, two fillets shall be treated as one fish, and unless the body is shown, every fillet shall be treated as having been taken from a game fish.

Prince Albert National Park fishing permits are required

  • Every person shall, when fishing, carry on his or her person a valid Prince Albert National Park fishing permit.
  • Persons under 16 years of age may either purchase a fishing permit or be accompanied by a person 16 years of age or older who is the holder of a fishing permit. If they do not purchase their own permit every fish in their possession shall be regarded as in the possession of the permit holder.

It is unlawful to

  • Fish by foul hooking, use more than one line, leave a line unattended or use a combination of hooks capable of catching more than one fish at a time (e.g. a pickerel rig)
  • Use or have in possession as bait, live or dead fish or parts thereof (including fish eggs)
  • Put any meat, bones, dead fish or offal, grain, dry feed or other food for fish into park waters
  • Collect bait in the park
  • Allow to spoil or be wasted any fish that is legally caught and suitable for human consumption
  • Have in possession any equipment that can be used to catch or take fish by methods other than angling (e.g. nets, traps, spear guns)
  • Use or have in possession a gaff-hook or tailer
  • Use a lure having more than two single hooks or more than two gang-hooks
  • Use or be in possession of a lead sinker or lead jig that weighs less than 50g

More information on lead sinkers and jigs is available at the Visitor Centre.

Use fish-scaling tables where available. This confines the scent, which may attract bears, and fish remains to one area away from your campsite.

To assist in resource management research please return any tags found on fish.

Additional lake trout regulations in Prince Albert National Park:

  • Anyone who fishes for lake trout must acquire a free lake trout endorsement in addition to the usual Prince Albert National Park fishing permit. This endorsement is only available at the Visitor Centre in Waskesiu Lake or at the South Gate. Please follow closely all instructions on the catch report card.
  • There is an annual catch limit of two lake trout per year.
  • Learn more about fishing for lake trout in Prince Albert National Park.

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