Cool things to do at national historic sites

Think national historic sites are just for history buffs? Think again! With guided tours, fascinating cultures, people, stories and legends and even historic weaponry … there are so many awesome activities for the whole family with Parks Canada. Take a trip back in time and learn about heroic, tragic, political, and even goosebump-inducing stories!

Dare to be scared

A lit-up lantern on cobble-stone ground
Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, Nova Scotia

Slip into the shadows of the Halifax Citadel to hear its haunted history on a guided ghost tour. Explore the passageways and inner chambers of the historic fort and hold your breath as you find out if the many ghost stories, legends, and unexplained events are true.

Fire the noon day gun

A visitor and an interpreter fire the Noon day gun at Signal Hill.
Signal Hill National Historic Site - Newfoundland and Labrador

Join the gun crew to learn how to fire the mighty quick-firing Hotchkiss Gun. This famous three-pound cannon is set off daily throughout summer to signal the hour of noon to the people of St John’s. Don’t forget to cover your ears!

Journey through time

Young children touch furs as they learn about Métis history from costumed interpreters.
Batoche National Historic Site - Saskatchewan

Meet the people of Batoche and immerse yourself in the 19th century world of Métis settlers as you roll up your sleeves and help with the daily chores on the homestead.

Spend the night in a fort

The grounds of Fort Langley lit up at night
Fort Langley National Historic Site - British Columbia

Experience a night of history by camping at Fort Langley. After the last visitors have left, enjoy the place all to yourself as you sleep under the starry sky. Book a comfy oTENTik tent and sleep soundly inside Vancouver's only fort.

Immerse yourself in an explosive atmosphere

Visitors sit outside on the porch of one of the historic buildings of Fort Malden while a costumed interpreter fires a musket
Fort Malden National Historic Site - Ontario

Join the troops on the parade ground and be a part of the Fort Malden artillery! See the flash of fire and hear the explosion of the Brown Bess gun and truly immerse yourself in the early history of Canada's military.

Discover 6,000 years of history

A Parks Canada guide shows visitors a beaver fur at the lookout point overlooking the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers
The Forks National Historic Site - Manitoba

Unlock the secrets of The Forks as you explore 6,000 years of history in 60 minutes! Follow in the footsteps of the Indigenous peoples and fur traders who used this meeting place for thousands of years and learn their extraordinary stories.

All aboard!

A tour guide and visitors on the Petit-Navire boat with the waters of the Lachine canal and the city in the background
Lachine Canal National Historic Site - Quebec

Go for a cruise aboard the Petit Navire and glide through 150 years of history! Let yourself be lulled by the peaceful waters as you imagine the lives of the merchants who used this very canal. You’ll even get to experience going through a historic lock by boat.

Listen to what Fred Pellerin has to say!

The grounds of Forges du Saint-Maurice surrounded by lush, green forest
Forges du Saint-Mauricie National Historic Site - Quebec

Immerse yourself in the legendary world of the Forges du Saint-Maurice thanks to the Fred Pellerin’s vivid storytelling with Diabolus ex machina, a playful outdoor audio tour.

Guided tour... from the comfort of your car!

Cars drive through the Lower Fort Garry grounds on a summer day
Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site - Manitoba

Discover history with this guided motorized tour! Explore a dozen historic sites in the Red River Valley and learn the history and architecture of southern Manitoba. Just follow the guide!

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